What is a carmen blouse?

Carmen blouses are open to carry over the shoulders. With Carmen shirts you can really be seen. If you love your body and dress nice, then you must have at least one Carmen Blouse in your closet. Carmen shirts are sexy shirts with a large open collar, but at the same time they have a charming look. These are not only great to wear on your day off, but you can also wear such a shirt very well at work. If you find it a bit too bare to wear at work, you can of course always wear a matching blazer over it. Or simply choose to wear a beautiful scarf. We have Carmen blouses that closely fit.

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Combine the carmen shirts with a nice skirt or with a nice pair of jeans. The longer Carmen shirts can also be worn as a stylish dress. They are also very suitable for cocktail parties, staff parties and other parties. The Carmen blouses are therefore quite different from each other. In terms of design, clear differences are visible, but also in terms of colors there are many possibilities. Choose the colors that you feel comfortable with as a woman.

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