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Peter Pan blouse

peter pan blouse

What is a peter pan blouse?

Claudine-collar ladies Blouses. The Peter Pan collar, whose collar angles are rounded, is a flat variant. In addition, there are many variations on these collar shapes. The shirt and lapel collar are the classic models, but the upright collar is rarely seen in a blouse for ladies.

Peter Pan collar is a style of clothing collar, flat in design with rounded corners. It is named after the collar of Maude Adams's costume in her 1905 role as Peter Pan, although similar styles had been worn before this date. The Peter Pan blouse is fashionable.

The Peter Pan collar blouse is a form of flat collar, one of the three basic collar types along with stand and roll collars. It is cut to fit around the neckline, following the curve, and to lie flat upon the torso. It can be made either as one part, with a front-fastening bodice, or in two parts to accommodate a back fastening while retaining the front opening. The collar is small and soft, with rounded corners.

Although regularly part of women's fashion since the 1900s, including a popular wedding dress detail in the mid-20th century, the collar has been mainly applied for ladies blouses.

Buying peter pan blouses online?

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Designing peter pan made to measure blouses online ?

Peter Pan blouses have a round collar meeting in the front. The collar accentuates the neckline and is a great pick for women with long necks. We adored the blouse when Sonam Kapoor came out with her Satya Paul Lipstick Printed Sari. Chic and pep, we totally loved it.

Body Types: Broad shoulders, Well-toned collar bones
Outfits to go with: Northern Style, Short floating Style
Outfit fabrics: Flowy fabrics like satin, Georgette
A Big No for: Women with very short necks