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Ruffle Blouse - Ruff Blouse - Ruffled Blouse

Ruffle Blouse

What is a ruffled blouse?

A flowing blouse with a combination of ruffles and lace: romantic! The ruffled blouses will make your look very elegant. Even blouses with shades and lace do not have to be old-fashioned. Do you have a party on the schedule? Radiate by finishing your look with romantic items of lace and ruffles. Choose a style that suits you and be inspired by the different types of ruffles on cuffs and cuffs.

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The stylish ruffle collar turns this simple blouse into an absolute fashion highlight. Further ruffle on the sleeves complete the elegant look, while the pleasant material with elastane guarantees a nice wearing feeling. Whether you wear it with chic trousers, an elegant skirt or whatever, this top gives every outfit a touch of classic elegance.

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