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Transparent Blouses- Sheer Blouse – Chiffon & Prints

transparente blouse

Transparent blouses – how to wear them in the real world?

Short of wearing a vest underneath, the only option is to embrace the navy blouse. Paired with a dark-coloured bra, it has all the lovely sheerness but without the obscenity. Fluid blouse in transparent fabric with 'V' neck emphasised by an asymmetric flounce.

Chiffon Blouse: Looking to add a fresh, feminine touch to your look? Check out a chiffon blouse. Whether you’re headed to the beach or a fun night out, these stylish standouts are sure to enliven any outfit.

Want to make a stylish statement?

An Embellished Chiffon Transparent Blouse, is the way to go. Pair this eye-catching silhouette with sleek leggings and a statement-making cuff bracelet for an ensemble that’s bound to turn heads. Silk Chiffon gives the outfit a glamorous finish.

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