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What is a tunic blouse?

Women's tunic blouses are still part of the business outfit, which was originally created for women as work clothes. From fitted cotton tunic blouses to sexy satin tunics. Under a suit with feminine cut or on a nice pencil skirt. Make the look soft and chic. Wear a tunic blouse with a high collar under luxurious knitted sweaters.

Tunics are especially ideal for the summer, because they have an airy fit and fall wide. The tunic is characterized by its button closure that only reaches the middle of the shirt.

What is the difference between tunic, tunic shirt, shirt, long shirt or blouse?

“A tunic is something that you put on, over your head. But then I see a tunic that is completely open at the front. For me that would be a blouse.

Another time I see something of which I think (by the model); that must be almost a tunic. But then, according to the photo, it is still an ordinary shirt or a long shirt.”

The differences explained: A blouse has a collar. A shirt has a round neck or V-neck, but no collar. A long shirt is an extra long shirt. A tunic is a shirt or blouse that falls well, so you can wear a shirt or t-shirt underneath. The difference between a long shirt and a tunic blouse is that a long shirt consists of one straight piece of fabric, while the tunic has an upper and lower part due to the separation of elastic or drawstring. With a long shirt you can create that by wearing a belt.

Buy tunic blouses online?

Tunic blouses for ladies online from best basic to feminine refinement: Choose something other than a plain or a classic dash. Bohemian-style tunic blouses can be found in beautiful embroidery and crocheted edges. You can also see the most beautiful floral prints in the sober palette of the Scandinavian brands. Combine a mini-denim skirt with a tunic blouse, wear a sleeveless blouse on a mid-plateau skirt for extra feminine sophistication. More need for a somewhat tougher image? Then there are the panes in flannel, or soft casual jeans tunic blouses.

A lozenge or a ruffle: fashion is in the details: Ruffles, edges and lace, it is often the details that matter. Tunic blouses with oversized cuffs, flowing bat sleeves, or bare shoulders mark the trends. Tight silhouettes alternate with original shapes, in perfectly folded folds or loose drapery. You can also find the lap and the collar in several variations, in soft voile and chiffon, or fresh cotton. 

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