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Easy-care cotton-polyester mix fabrics men shirts

easy-care katoen/ polyester mix stoffen heren overhemden
The increasing demand for shirts in the fifties, and in a way also the scarcity of natural materials, led to ever increasing demand in
synthetic polyester fibers
. Shirts made out of nylon and polyester quickly lost their dirt in the water and after a dry could be quickly worn again, as ‘non-iron’. Synthetic fibres and textiles for shirt fabrics are still widely appreciated. All easy to iron. At the end of the 1970s more and more natural materials were used. But still there are many shirts with forty-five or fifty percent of synthetic fibers. There are fervent fans of these

polyester blended shirts

for the advantage of easy cleaning with less creases and easier to iron. It is lightweight, easy to care for, and extremely durable.

Easy-Care Shirts.

Polyester was a key contributer to the idea of

easy-care garments

; keeping it in good shape is much easier than caring for wool or even cotton. It can be washed and dried, so long as excess heat is avoided, and holds up well to both hanging and folding. The fibers are stain-resistant, and offer no interest to moths or other insects. Polyester and the Environment: Like nylon, polyester is entirely synthetic and does not biodegrade. However, it can be extensively recycled, and brands exist now that make their fabrics entirely from recycled polyester.  

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