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Egyptian cotton two-fold shirts for men

Egyptian cotton two-fold shirts for men
Giza45 is the best Egyptian cotton. This cotton is cultivated around the Nile in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The finest Egyptian cotton of the type Giza87 is distinguished by its long fibers, durability and finesse.

Giza 45 and Giza 87

, the best cotton from Egypt is used for the best fabrics.

Two-Ply, double yarn Two-Fold fabrics

are more expensive than single yarn fabrics. For example, a herringbone with a complex weaving structure is more expensive than an ordinary fabric. The finer the yarn, the higher the price. Each fabric has its own specifications : pure cotton or cotton-linen, weight per square meter, and density as ‘100/2-100/2’ : threads in the warp and weft. “100” means that 100.000 meter yarn is manufactured out of one kilogramme of cotton. Most of our cotton fabrics come from Italy because they use the best quality of ‘Egyptian cotton’. Alternatives are the twofold cotton
Supima cotton
Sea Island cotton
. Supima is a non-profit organization in the United States whose main objective is to promote the use of U.S. grown American Pima cotton around the world and is involved in quality assurance and research programs. Founded in 1954, it derived its name from

Superior Pima

. Supima licenses about 400 selected high-quality mills, textile and clothing manufacturers, and brands/retailers to use the SUPIMA® trademark. Sea Island cotton: Among the earliest planters of Sea Island cotton in North America was an Englishman, Francis Levett. Other cotton planters came from Barbados, and what was called Sea Island Cotton was cultivated on the barrier islands South Carolina and Georgia, especially by the late 18th century. Sea Island cotton commanded the highest price of all the cottons, due to its long staple (1.5 to 2.5 inches, 35 to 60 mm) and its silky texture; it was used for the finest cotton counts and often mixed with silk. Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, is a species of cotton plant that has been cultivated to have extra-long staple fibers - longer than 34 mm (1 3/8"), that are associated with high quality products.Varieties of ELS cotton include WISICA Sea Island, American Pima, Egyptian ELS Gizas, Indian Suvin, and Chinese xinjiang. It is a tropical, frost-sensitive perennial plant that produces yellow flowers and has black seeds. It grows as a small, bushy tree and yields cotton with unusually long, silky fibers. To grow, it requires full sun and high humidity and rainfall. This plant contains the chemical gossypol, which reduces its susceptibility to insect and fungal damage.

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