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‘Liberty of London’ men’s shirts

Liberty of London men's shirts
Liberty of London shirts, slim fit, the ultimate luxury !

Liberty flower

patterns as allover or as contrast in collar and cuffs for design shirts. The

Liberty fabrics

are produced by Liberty, a large world famous and luxury department store in London. This store, named after the founder Arthus Lasen by Liberty, opened in 1875 in ‘Regent Street’in London. Arthur Lasen started selling

Liberty of London

Blouses and Shirts in the early nineties. Explore our Bivolino archive of unique prints for shirting. Look to
Liberty London shirting

for the easiest way to enhance your sartorial style. Think crisp cotton and lightweight designs, a contemporary interpretation of classic Liberty London style.

From the collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/mens-shirts-online/weekend