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Organic fabrics and bio-cotton men shirts

Organic fabrics and bio-cotton men shirts
Cotton fabric, bio-cotton, and

organic cotton

for shirts. Mainly practical considerations have led to the fact that many shirts constist out of a mixture (blend) of natural (cotton fabric) and synthetic materials. The trend to ‘pure natural products’ is clearly evident, but we still live with the recent past in which shirts were made entirely out of nylon or polyester. Organic products in Bio-cotton, also known as organic cotton, has a low eco-footprint and every day scores higher and higher in the customer’s wishlist. Organic cotton is generally understood as cotton and is grown in subtropical countries such as Turkey, China, USA from non genetically modified plants, that is believed to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles . Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world's insecticides, more than any other single major crop.
Organic clothing
is clothing made from materials raised in on in or grown in compliance with

organic agricultural standards. Organic shirts

are mainly composed of Cotton. Our men's organic cotton shirt is softer, better for the environment, and kind to skin. Throw in our amazing designs and you have the recipe for awesome organic
bio-cotton shirts

From the collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/mens-shirts-online/Bio-Eco-Organic-GOTS-PET-Bambou