Pinstripe Shirt and Chalk StripePinstripes are very narrow and are most often white or grey. Wearing coloured pinstripes yields a more casual look so the wearer should take caution when deciding which occasion to wear the coloured pinstripe shirt. These and all stripes allow the wearer to extend his body frame to create an elongated and taller look. The continuous flow from these single lines creates cleaner and longer contours along the body. Hence, if the wearer is a shorter man then he will want to opt for stripes for his

tailored suit

. The other main style of stripe is the chalk stripe. These are stripes that are spread farther apart in contrast to the narrower pin stripe. The chalk stripe is worn as a more casual pattern and allows the wearer to create height. But, unlike the pinstripe, it can emphasize girth on larger men. Larger men should avoid chalk stripes.

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