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Ampio 3 Fabric:
jacquard fabric
What's a Jacquard?

Jacquard loom

 weaves the pattern directly into the fabric itself by varying the color and type of thread used for the warp.

Jacquard weaving techniques

 have been around since the 1800s. The first Jacquard loom was built, unsurprisingly, by

Joseph Jacquard

, a French weaver and merchant. Joseph’s loom functioned like an early computer – a series of punch cards controlled which warp threads were used in the weaving, allowing complex patterns to be woven by machine, instead of needed to be sewn by hand. Today, these punch cards have been replaced by modern computing, and the machines can weave incredibly complex patterns.
All this complexity is for a purpose.
Jacquard loomed fabrics
are rarer and more durable than their printed cousins. The fabric also has a smoother texture, as the pattern or design sits within the fabric, not on top of it – which can make a difference if a fabric is doubled up and the pattern is sitting against your skin. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, Jacquard weaving does have its downsides. Jacquard weaving machines are expensive, and the process of threading the loom – adding the colored warp threads that will make up a pattern – is complex and time consuming, and requires a special threading robot. Even a simple pattern can take days to set up.
All of this comes at a price. In general, Jacquard fabrics are more expensive.
Jacquard wave is created using a specific loom designed to produce higly patterned fabrics. A touch of spontaneity for a chic casual look.
That’s the right fabric if you’re looking for a
Jacquard shirt
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Jacquard Shirt - Jacquard Shirt