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pinpoint fabric
Pinpoint Shirting fabric
If poplin shirts are sharp and twills are luxurious, a pinpoint shirt will look as smart or as casual as you want it to. Pinpoint is a more substantial weave than poplin, but slightly finer than twill. 

In technical terms, pinpoint is a variety of ‘

basket weave’

, which means that equal numbers of ‘weft’ and ‘warp’ threads are crossed under and over each other. This gives the fabric a pleasing texture which has more character than the uniform smoothness of poplin, but is more subtle than twill. And has none of the twills’ lustre.

Pinpoint is a soft fabric which breathes well, hangs softly – and marries ‘formal’ with ‘relaxed’ to perfection. Hence its frequent use to cut business shirts with button-down collars.

We’re tailors. We could talk warps and wefts, yarns and weaves till the proverbial cows come home. But the purpose of this guide is not to bore you rigid – but to make your shirt-buying experience easier …
Pinpoint – 

Pinpoint fabrics

, also known as ‘

pinpoint oxford’

utilise a basket weave with finer yarns, which results in a cloth that is somewhere in between Poplin and Oxford.  As a result, these shirts can often be used for both casual and business dress.  Because of its flexibility, this is often an ideal fabric choice, unless you have specific preferences towards something else.  These fabrics are generally heavier than broadcloth.
What does pinpoint mean on a shirt?
Although the name is similar, it is not at all similar to pinpoint oxford or oxford cloth. It is a dressy fabric with a distinctive shine and texture. With a more prominent weave than broadcloth or pinpoint, it's ideal for those interested in a dress or formal shirt with visible texture.
What is a pinpoint dress shirt?
The difference between the fabrics is not in the weave, but in the thickness and weight of the yarns that are used. Pinpoint generally has a higher thread count, and a lighter, finer weave then Oxford Cloth. Thus, 
pinpoint dress shirts
 are preferable over oxford cloth dress shirts in formal situations.
Pin Point is an Oxford spin-off fabric. The effect is a fairly grainy fabric with a weft that appears to be made by an infinite number pinpoints.
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