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Luxury dress blouses online  

Luxury dress blouses online

Luxury blouses made of Albini fabrics. The
Albini Group
, established in 1876 in Albino (Bergamo, remains a family business that today is represented by the fifth generation led by Silvio, Fabio, Andrea and
Stefano Albini. Cotonificio Albini
uses the best raw materials, does continuously stylistic research. The Italian taste for fashion and the passion for quality stand for everything Cotonificio Albini brings. Since 1872 the Italian company Albini manufactures top quality fabrics with an unique design. For example the Piumino 100/120 series from Albini is made of the finest

Egyptian Cotton of the type Giza87,

distinguished by the long fibers, durability and finesse. Alternatives are the twofold cotton

Supima cotton


Sea Island cotton

. Luxery two-ply cotton blouses.