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Womens shirts cuffs

Womens shirts cuffs are key for
bespoke womens shirts.
Bivolino and shirt lovers peers have selected for you 15
exclusive Blouses Cuffs Women.
From the very traditional white cuffs, French cuffs to the Mandarin cuffs or double cuffs. But also the most fashionable high 3-buttons cuffs or long pointed cuffs with contrasting colours. With or without silknots or cufflinks depending on your bespoke womens shirts style.
There are 4 categories of blouse cuffs women:
- Long sleeve 

3/4 sleeve

(with-V cut or 2-buttons)
- Short sleeve (V-cover and

Puff sleeve

Balloon Sleeve

Sleeveless (optional with parachute caps –


Blouses cuffs
Puff sleeve blouses
have been around like forever. They have probably undergone variations like those raised puff sleeves in the nineties or the vintage gauzy puff sleeves back in the past. Nonetheless puff sleeve blouses remind us all of something girly and so this is a popular choice when we give a blouse pattern. Balloon sleeve blouses are a perfect bridal choice as they give that coy feminine appeal to it. Though there are multiple ways to get his done we are a little partial to the short sleeve with that delicate puff which has been pleated and folded and stitched into the sleeve.

Leg of Mutton Sleeve

Order your favorite shirts online and choose one French Cuff blouse with cufflinks for a complete outfit. There is also choice for white contrast Winchester cuffs.

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