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Amsterdam Collar - Lapel Collar - Revere Collar

amsterdam collar women

Amsterdam Collar -LapelCollar - Revere Collar

Amsterdam Collar -Lapel Collar - Revere Collar. Nr 27060.


Lapel collar Blouse

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revere collar

is a part of the great classics of any woman’s collar shirts wardrobe. It is a very particular collar that does not have any button on the collar band. A revere collar H4 is therefore always worn open. It possesses a vertical stitch at the back of the collar band. The revere collar offers the constrating colour fabric option for the whole collar, the inside collar and the external collar for a bicolour shirt. The

Revere Collar Blouse

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revere blouse

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Lapel Blouse
. Alternative: the V-Neck Collar Also named the Vintage Kent Open because the collar is open upto the décolleté.The
V-Neck Collar Blouse


Amsterdam Collar - Amsterdam Collar
Amsterdam Collar