Women’s shirts collars are the essentials of women’s blouses.

Bivolino and shirtlovers have selected for you 34 exclusive women’s shirts collars. From the very classic turned-down collar, points collar, button-down collar, spread collar, to the pin collar and jabot collar. But also the most fashionable high trendy collars with contrasting colours. 

A blouse features countless collar variants.

The collar is one of the basic elements that defines the character and style of a blouse. There are different kinds of collars for a blouse and choosing it gives an extra shade to a blouse. 

Collared blouses: nice womens collars

What's the collar of a blouse?
The collar of a blouse is a specific detail that determines how the blouse looks around the neck. Collars exist in countless variations, such as a "classic", "wide spread", "button-down", etc. Below are the most common collars.   If we explain the collar, the following applies: When wearing a tie, the outer collar is the visible part of your collar. The inside of the collar is then folded and you can not see it. A collar (inside) is put on a shirt at the collar stand: this is the raised part of the collar on the inside of the shirt and usually not visible. If you do not wear a tie at your blouse then both the collar if the raised part (inside) of the collar is visible. The collar is sewn in the production process on a blouse.


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