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Claudine Collar – Peter Pan Collar - Peter Pan Blouse


 Claudine Collar – Peter Pan Collar.

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Claudine collar for women
. The Claudine collar belongs to the authentic classics of womens shirts. It is inspired by the very original collar designed exclusively for girls. Technically, the Claudine collar is made out of one piece without any separated collar band. This collar offers the constrating colour fabric option for the whole collar, the inside collar and the external collar for a bicolour shirt. The

Claudine collar

is a very authentic shirts’ collar for girls and women.

Peter Pan Shirt


Peter Pan Blouse

Peter Pan Collar Blouse
During the investigation of the rounded collar, the term Peter Pan collar soon came up. The Peter Pan Collar is derived from the first American production of Peter Pan in 1905, the famous story written by J.M. Barrie. In this musical, the main role of Peter Pan was played by American Broadway actress Maude Adams. It is remarkable for this period that a male lead was interpreted by an actress.The Peter Pan collar was an important part of Maude Adam's costume. This costume consisted of trousers, a hat and a wood-inspired blouse with wide round white collar.

peter pan

Peter Pan collaras a fashion item.

Claudine collar Blouse

The Peter Pan collar has similarities with the Claudine collar, derived from Paris. This collar also emerged from the main character of a book; namely Claudine from the book 'Claudine à l'école' written in 1900 by


. In this story, the round collar plays an important role in the description of the main character; a boarding school girl.
Claudine Collar