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Jabot Collar Women - Jabot Collar Blouse


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Jabot Collar

Jabot collar

The Jabot collar has just find a new fashion life. It is one of the most feminin collar which give a women shirt a real expressive theatral presence. The Jabot collar offers the constrating colour fabric option for the whole collar, the inside collar and the external collar for a bicolour shirt. The Jabot collar has a very romantic and poet styling. It is a nice collar shirt for women.
Jabot, the collar with pleats and laces from the time of the renaissance and baroque. Lace strip for women's blouse as 19th century romance.
Bouse with Jabot Collar
(from French jabot: a bird's crop) is a decorative clothing accessory consisting of lace or other fabric falling from the throat, suspended from or attached to a neckband or collar; or simply pinned at the throat. It evolved from the frilling or ruffles decorating the front of a shirt in the 19th century.
History: In the 17th and 18th centuries, a jabot collar consisted of cambric or lace edging sewn to both sides of the front opening of a man's shirt, partially visible through a vest worn over it. This style arose around 1650. Jabots made of lace and hanging loose from the neck were an essential component of upper class, male fashion in the baroque period. In the late 19th century a jabot would be a cambric or lace bib, for decorating women's clothing. It would be held in place at the neck with a brooch or a sewn-on neckband.
  Today: Public hearings of the International Court of Justice . Jabots survive in the present as components of various official costumes. The white bibs of judges of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany are officially described as jabots, as are those worn by judges and counselthroughout Australian courts. Jabots are prescribed attire for barristers appearing before the Supreme Court of South Australia. French magistrate court dress and French academic dress include a jabot, called Rabat. It is usually of plain cotton.

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