Lido Collar Women


Lido 27012 


Lido collar for women blouses.

The Lido collar is a women collar shirt with a very deap romantic styling. Technically it has no buttons on the collar band and its collar points are quite long and soft, just at the opposite of classic collars which are more rigid. It has a vertical stitch at the back of the collar band. The Lido collar has a very romantic and poet styling. Its therefore a nice collar shirt choice for women who like this look.

Lido Blouse.


lido-collared shirt

open-neck shirt
designed to be worn open at the neck.The style is variously described as a
lido or pyjama collar
, and it’s different from normal shirts because when the collar is open there’s no stitching or seams visible in the collar band, and it then runs, still without a visible join, down the front of the shirt into the buttons.....
Lido Collar Women