What is a summer blouse?

If you think of a blouse, you might not get a summer picture there. Nevertheless, the possibilities for summer blouse are endless. There are all kinds of functions that you can apply to make a blouse summer-feel. How? We explain that below. Choose a summer fabric It is important that you can keep feeling fresh all day long during a hot day with high temperatures. To prevent you from perspiring and worse: choose an airy substance that breathes. It is best to choose cotton: This has a great moisture-absorbing capacity, so you can keep feeling fresh. The fiber absorbs a lot of moisture easily and quickly, without feeling moist. Thereafter it also quickly repels moisture, which makes it extra fine in summer to wear this material. It conducts heat.

Since many blouses are made of 100% cotton, with a custom made blouse from Bivolino you are always fresh and dry, even in summer. Choose a summer color In the summer it is often so hot, that you prefer cooling down then even more heat. Therefore choose a color that does not absorb the heat, but rather repels it. Avoid dark colors (black and dark blue) and opt for light colors in the blouse. Not only does this make it more cool, it is also more appropriate: A yellow shirt, for example, is better when the sun shines than when you are completely covered in black.

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Short sleeved blouse

As soon as the temperature rises, many women opt for blouses with short sleeves. We see this happening both in free time and at the office. A good choice, because you are less clothed in dust, which makes for more cooling. Do you prefer long sleeves? Then it is also great to roll up your sleeves. But if you choose a summer fabric and color for your blouse, it is not even necessary. With these tips you can easily put together your own summer blouse in the configurator, where you can easily choose your fabric, color, pattern and other details (such as the sleeves).

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