What is a jeans shirt?

jeans shirt is an absolute must have. Just like the jeans pants, it is strong, durable, qualitative and extremely comfortable. Moreover, a jeans shirt can easily be combined with other clothes. A model in a fine jeans fabric with some nice details looks stylish, a rougher model looks tough. Who thought that these shirts were by definition casual and only suitable for leisure activities, is wrong. They fit for almost every occasion, depending on the combination with which they are worn. They are simple, striking, cool or playful and feature a nice embroidery or a trendy print. But the appearance they have depends mainly on the small details. The buttons, the hem, the sleeves, the stitching, ... these are the things that determine the look of the shirt.

A jeans shirt is a must-have for every wardrobe because you can use it so versatile. With only one copy you can create at least three different looks: Always trendy and a tad cool: three ways to wear a jeans shirt.


  1.        Casual: Combine your jeans shirt with brightly colored trousers. Skinny often scores good points, but whoever is not a fan of this close-fitting trend can also choose for bootcut pants. Now a nice pair of flat shoes underneath, et voila: the casual look is ready.


  1.        Sexy: Those who prefer something spicier, but still somewhat cute, can opt for the unbuttoned shirt. Finally, add a few nice boots or pumps and you're ready for a night out with the friends.


  1.        Refined: For more serious work, you can easily combine your jeans shirt with tight pants and a pair of stylish pumps. Perfect for internships and exams or for the workplace.

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Jeans shirt: a basic piece in every wardrobe

The fact that the jeans shirt can be considered to be trendy, makes brands like Jack & Jones, Lee and Tom Tailor clear. All of them have included various versions of this shirt in their assortment, albeit in a modern way. Combined with jeans, black trousers or warm velours in the winter, this jeans shirt also gives the man a trendy look.

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