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cotton 2 fold

“Made using the finest two fold cotton fabric” is a typical phrase you often see, when shopping for high end dress shirts. But what exactly does it mean?

When choosing a fabric, the yarn decides a lot of the feel and comfort of the garment. Ordinary singles cotton fabric, while it can feel nice, too, consists of one ply of cotton yarn. Only the finest cotton staples are chosen, to form thin, elastic yarns, then are spun together, resulting in two fold fabric. Obviously this fabric is more expensive. Why is it better?

o   Two fold is more durable, weaker spots are reinforced and yarns are stronger and do not fray easily.

Long cotton staples

and thin yarns make a fabrics the delicately follows the lines of your body. You feel it when you wear it.
o   Two fold fabric has a smoother, silkier handle than a singles fabric, while maintaining all of its longevity

What is ‘two-fold cotton’?

All Bivolino shirts are made using the finest Italian two-fold cotton, but what exactly is it, and why does it feel, look and cost more than ordinary singles cotton?
Well, most cotton is made of singles yarn meaning that strands of the cotton staple are spun to make a single thread. This thread is then used to weave
traditional shirting fabrics
, inferior in quality to those on this site. 100% cotton is one thing, but 100% Bivolino pure Italian two-fold cotton, is quite another…
To make Bivolino’s two-fold yarn, we firstly select only long and fine staple yarns. Secondly these separate yarns from the cotton staple are then spun together again giving a very fine yarn that has effectively been ‘folded together’ twice. Finally this is then woven into a shirting.
The result is a fabric that has a smoother, silkier handle than a singles fabric, while maintaining all of its longevity. It also means that designs will be much better defined due to the fine nature of this yarn. The extra care and processing involved in manufacturing two-fold cotton is reflected in the higher cost of the shirt. However, Bivolino is all about superior quality and anything less than
two-fold cotton
does not deserve our label.

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Twofold Shirt - Twofold Shirt