What is a viyella shirt?

The Viyella brand is of English origin and is known as a renowned fashion label in the United Kingdom. Viyella shirts are praised for their comfortable fit, excellent soft fabric qualities and elegant boho-chic designs. The brand focuses on the fashion conscious and artistic man who likes to dress in stylish shirts and classic costumes. Boutique British design The story of the brand started in a weaving mill. In the year 1893 Viyella, a mix of 55% merino wool and 45% cotton fabric, was first woven in England. The fabric was an invention of James and RobbertSissons of William Hollins & Company. In 1784 the label Viyella was established. The name was created by linking the names Valley Road and Via Gellia. These were the two roads that were near the mill where the fabric was woven. The soft fabric was actually meant for bath and nightwear.


After the Second World War the collection was supplemented with classic Viyella shirts. The arrival of the shirts proved to fill a gap in the market. A broad public audience fell for the elegant shirts. At the end of the 20th century, Viyella was named the best vintage brand by The Times. The authentic style and classic detailing are the characteristics of the brand. Famous brands such as the romantic label Laura Ashley draw inspiration from the colors used by Viyella and typically English Tartan panes. Nowadays the brand offers various cotton fabrics for clothing and interior. The original cotton wool blend is no longer available.

Collection of menswear Viyella

The menswear collection consists of a range of charming casual Viyella shirts, trousers, jacket jackets, sweaters, cardigans, quilted and wool coats, ties, costume suits, scarves, hats, cufflinks and lambswool or cashmere socks. The shirts are usually made from a cotton-wool blend. This makes the fabric feel like a soft flannel. The men's shirts are usually executed in a checkered pattern or stripe pattern. Although the shirts have a casual look they are also wearable for formal meetings. Try the shirt with a navy blue suit, a shiny tie and as an accessory an English tweed hat for a decent look.


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Officers in the British and other Commonwealth armies purchased their own uniforms during the Second World War, and Viyella shirts were a desirable option for them. In the late 20th century it was 're-invented' as fashionable fabric. In 1987 The Times said it was used by designers interested in "vintage" style

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