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Tattersall Check - Tattersall Shirt - Viyella Shirt

Tatterstall checkered patterns consist of regularly spaced vertical and horizontal stripes, alternating, and sometimes three colors.  Tatterstall checkered shirts are great for a casual evening out, but may appear a tad less than formal for your typical work setting. Mostly woven in Viyella. Tattersal Shirt.

Tatersall is a check pattern that consists of thin, regularly spaced stripes in alternating colors that are repeated both horizontally and vertically. The stripes that create the tatersall pattern often come in two different colors and are usually darker than the background color. 

Viyella Shirt

From the men’s collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/men-shirts-casual

From the women’s collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/women-blouses-casual

Tattersall Check

Tattersall Check