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Neapolitan Cuff - Cocktail cuff Shirt

Napoli Cocktail 2buttons cuff - Double French turnback-V Cuff

Neapolitan Cuff

Neapolitan cuff

Cocktail cuff

is a

turnback shirt cuff

which fasten with buttons rather than cufflinks. Apparently it was originally designed by Franck Foster, the esteemed bespoke shirt maker and made popular by Sean Connery and Roger Moore wearing the cuff on shirts in James Bond movies. The

cocktail shirt cuff

is also called
James Bond cuff
for this reason. The inside cuff can be colour contrasted. It is 8cm high.
Neapolitan Cuff.

James Bond Cuff, Turnback Cuff, Cocktail Cuff,Naples Cuff, Casino Cuff Shirts.Neapolitan Cuff

Birthing a long love affair with James Bond, the white cotton Dr No shirt featured in the first film of the franchise and was specially made for Sean Connery. The original and the best, this now-iconic design features
two-button turnback Cocktail cuffs
which are unique to this piece.

 Cuff Double French with Tab( contrast)_30015


Cuff Double French with Tab( contrast)_30015

Neapolitan cuff

Neapolitan Cuff