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Tips for the cuff
• The cuff should fall between the wrist and hand bend.
• If you wear a shirt in combination with a suit or colbert, the shirt's cuff should always be 1 to 2 cm below the suit
Choose for a single cuff shirt

The single cuff is the most common and most used cuff. Bivolino’s cuffs use a high-quality interlining that guarantees a lot of wearing comfort. You do not see it, but you notice it!

Bivolino uses a double button on the

single adjustable cuff.

This allows you to adjust the width of the cuff to the thickness of your wrist. For example, you can customize the width of the cuff if you wear a watch.

Choose for a double cuff shirt

A shirt with double cuffs, worn with beautiful cufflinks, adds an extra luxurious look to your outfit. A double cuff is twice as long as a single cuff and is folded and held together by cufflinks.




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Cuff Styles for Shirting

Bivolino has a range of cuff options to choose from: one button, two button, French cuffs, convertible cuffs, adjustable etc.

• One Button Barrel Cuff Shirt
Our standard dress shirt cuff. The one button barrel is understated and classic. This cuff is fused to maintain a crisp appearance and measures 2.3 inch.
• Long One Button Barrel Cuff Shirt
A slightly longer version of our standard one button barrel cuff. We based this cuff off the style common among the great Neapolitan shirtmakers, H4 and it contributes to a more proportionally balanced look for guys with longer arms (34 inch or so and up). This cuff is fused to maintain a crisp appearance and measures 2.8 inch.
• One Button Mitered Cuff Shirt
The one button mitered cuffis a dressy cuff that has the elegant mitered angle at the button closure, and the smaller size of a one button cuff. This cuff is fused to keep a crisp look and 2.6 inch long.

Two Button Rounded Cuff Shirt

The two button rounded cuff is dressier than a one-button cuff, but not as formal as a two-button mitered cuff. This cuff is fused to keep a crisp look and 2.8 inch long.

Two Button Mitered Cuff Shirt

The two button mitered cuff is a popular dress shirt cuff that is dressier and more elegant than a standard barrel cuff. The two button placement makes this cuff a good match for wearing with watches. This cuff is fused to keep a crisp, classy appearance and measures 2.8 inch long.
• French Cuff Shirt
Our standard French Cuff is the choice for Tuxedo shirts. It is a completely square cuff shape and requires cufflinks. This double cuff is fused to keep a crisp, classy appearance and measures 2.8 inch long when folded back.
Rounded French Cuff Shirt

The rounded French cuff is just like the standard French cuff, except it has a rounded corner on the back edge nearest to the wrist. It is no less formal, merely a slightly different style. French cuffs require cufflinks. This cuff is fused to keep a crisp, classy look and measures 2.8 inch long when folded back.
• Convertible Square Cuff Shirt
The convertible square cuff can be worn either buttoned like a barrel cuff, or with cufflinks. This cuff is fused to keep a crisp look and is 2.5 inch long.


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Shirts cuffs are essential for shirts. Bivolino and his shirt lovers fans have selected 15 exclusive shirt cuffs. Very classic cuffs like the white cuff or the double cuff, the
French cuff
or the adjustable cuff. But also the real fashionable Napolitan cuff with contrasted colors. With or without cuff buttons depending on your personal style.
Your shirt cuff is the only visible part of the shirt – besides the collar, when you wear your jacket. They’re divided into three types. The first one is button cuffs and these are also often called barrel cuffs.
• Button cuffs(barrel cuffs)
Are single cuffs that wrap around your wrist and are buttoned into place. You can find this type of cuff on almost every ready made shirt. Button cuffs have buttonholes on the one side and buttons on the other. The can either have a single button or more (usually two buttons) to make the fit more adjustable. If you’re wondering why there sometimes is a small button on the sleeve, between the cuff and the end of the cuff opening, it’s to keep this area closed and to prevent exposing your wrist.
• Link cuffs
Have buttonholes on both sides, and therefore, aren’t meant to be closed with buttons, but either cufflinks or silk knots.Shirts with link cuffs.
French cuffs

Also called, double cuffs, are a type of link cuffs. French cuffs are twice as long as button cuffs and are the most formal option of shirt’s cuffs. These double cuffs are folded back and fastened with cufflinks or fabric knots. Cufflinks/ knots should always be worn, and therefore, we recommend keeping a varied selection on hand.Shirts with French Cuffs.
• Convertible cuffs
Can be closed with either buttons or cufflinks.

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