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Short Sleeves Shirts

 short sleeves for men
Bivolino short sleeves for men
All Bivolino shirts are available in short sleeves. Short sleeves shirts is also called half sleeve. Ideal for warmer weather. At Bivolino you will find only the best "short sleeve shirts". Shirts often have a long sleeve - this can be rolled up to a shorter sleeve. Ideal for the warmer months or if you have to move a lot. Short sleeve shirts: ideal for warmer weather. Short sleeved shirts are comfortable and refreshing.

Short-sleeved shirts

have been in place since long and were previously carried by the working gentlemen who worked outside in summer time.

Short-sleeved blouses

for the warm months
Also in the spring and summer months you would like to look good. If you walk in a shirt all day, it can get very hot. It is often not comfortable and it does not feel very fresh either. When the temperature rises again, a shirt with "shorter sleeves" is fine. Short sleeve shirts provide cooling, optimal freedom of movement and wearing comfort. Because most shirts are 100% cotton, moisture can also be easily removed, making the shirt always fresh. Choose from the wide range of latest collection

half -sleeve shirts

for men and women online.
There are many different possibilities to wear shirts with short sleeves and stylish for the day. Both at office, as well as at leisure or on vacation.
 Anyone who wears a shirt or
shirt with short sleeves
knows that:
•      Short sleeve shirts are fresh and cool
•      Short-sleeved shirts often / sometimes have a breast pocket
•      Short-sleeved designs are often colorful and trendy
•      Short-sleeved shirts are worn in both business and private (casual)
In the summer, men often wear polo’s and t-shirts: but the short sleeve shirt is also a classic. An ideal alternative because you look dressed and it's not too hot.
Also good for a summer party.
•      A

short-sleeved linen shirt

is the least warm shirt. Due to the open weaving and short sleeves, air can freely circulate.
•      Short sleeve shirts with a print make the shirt smooth and fashionable. A shirt with a print is usually very trendy.
Pay attention! Short sleeved shirts whose sleeve is too wide should not be worn today. It’s outdated and not fashionable anymore.Never wear a short sleeve shirt under a colbert or jacket.
Pilots often wear shirts with short sleeves. This shirt is often white. This shirt only contains epaulets 
Short Sleeve