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Round Barrel Cuff Shirt

Round Barrel cuff

Round Barrel Cuff Shirt

Round Barrel

Round Barrel cuff Shirt H5


The round single cuff belongs to the

single cuffs shirt

family. A Single cuff is the original linked cuff. Rounded with a high of 7cm, the round single cuff is one of the most simplest cuff for mens shirts. The round single inside cuff can have a contrasting colour fabric.

Angle Mitered cuff Shirt


Mitered cuff

2-buttons belongs to the mitered or angle cut corner cuff shirt family. It is 7cm high and has 2 buttons to close it as mentionned in its name. The contrast colour inside cuff is available here and will give a fashion look.
Square cuff Shirt

square cuff

2 buttons is 7cm high and belongs to the square shirt cuff family. The double buttons give a more sophisticated dressy look. The inside cuff shirt can be made in another trendy colour.



Cuff Angle Mitered_30021

Round Barrel Cuff