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Kent Piping Collar

Kent piping Collar ( contrast ) - Nr 20018

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Kent Piping

is also called the

Gatsby collar

. This collar has a contrast piping:

The dimensions are as follows: 

Kent Piping collar

: ( nr 20018)

               - height: 3.8cm/1.5 inch

               - pointlength: 9cm/3.55 inch

               - spread: 13cm/5.12 inch

Kent piping collar. The

Kent piping collar

offers a contrasting colour along the shirt collar points. The same styling piping cuff is also available. The Kent piping collar is also called “Gatsby Collar” in memories of the film from the 20’s. It has been updated in the 60’s and nowadays there is a

Rodeo Drive shop

dedicated to this kind of collar shirt.The

Gatsby Shirt

kent pipping

Kent Piping Collar