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Collar men shirts


Men’s shirts collars are the essentials of men’s shirts. Bivolino and shirtlovers have selected for you 34
exclusive men’s shirts collars.
From the very classic
turned-down collar
, points collar, button-down collar, spread collar (semi spread collar and wide spread collar), to the pin collar and tab collar. But also the most fashionable high trendy collars with contrasting colours. 
A shirt features countless collar variants. The collar is one of the basic elements that defines the character and style of a shirt. There are different kinds of collars for a shirt and choosing it gives an extra shade to a shirt. 
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What's the collar of a shirt?
The collar of a shirt is a specific detail that determines how the shirt looks around the neck. Collars exist in countless variations, such as a "classic", "wide spread", "button-down", etc. Below are the most common collars.   If we explain the collar, the following applies: When wearing a tie, the outer collar is the visible part of your collar. The inside of the collar is then folded and you can not see it. A collar (inside) is put on a shirt at the collar stand: this is the raised part of the collar on the inside of the shirt and usually not visible. If you do not wear a tie at your shirt then both the collar if the raised part (inside) of the collar is visible. The collar is sewn in the production process on a shirt. 

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The history of a shirt collar:
Until 1920 many shirts had the same kind of collar: a straight-cut collar that, as it were, collapsed with the lines of the neck. In the 'roaring twenties' there was a demand for more unique styles and thus collars. The first ads appear around that time, emphasizing the collar as a unique element. Since then there have been hundreds of collar variations.  
Why different shirt collars?
A shirt is not complete without a collar. The collar of a shirt also has a strong relationship with fashion. For example, a

button-down collar

has been fashionable for a long time and followed by a widespread or cutaway collar (slightly cut backwards). It does not make for a different fit. It only provides a different view around the neck. Making a good and balanced collar (parallel in mirror image) is one of the hardest components of making a shirt. Precisely because the collar is so decisive for the final image.  

What shirt collars does there exist?
Shirt collars consist of dozens of variants. Herein a number of collar types can be distinguished:
• "Straight point collar": seen as the classic collar. Also described as the "English Spread Collar" or the "London Collar".
• "Semi-Spread collar": a modern, popular variant. The collar is wide cut and allows for a double windsor knot in the tie (a wider knot). The wide-spread collar is also called the "Haï Collar".
• "Cut-away collar": a very tight collar design. The collar is completely cut away, literally "cut-away". • "Italian spread collar": a widely used Italian collar with Italian shirts.
• "Button-Down collar": an American variant that originated in the sports world. A button-down shirt is attached to the body with buttons and thus the neck collar always stays down.
• "Wing collar" in Dutch called "vadermoorder". This is the most formal version of a collar. This collar is often seen on black-tie or white-tie occasions like under a suit or a tuxedo.

In addition to these, there are still hundreds of other variants. One of our personal favorites is the "Flyaway Collar - Shark Collar " . This gives a modern effect when no tie is worn.

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