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Mao Collar - Mao Shirt


Mao -collar

Mao collar. The

Mao collar

is minimalistic and oriental. It’s often worn with a simple and pure look. Mao collar is straight and narrow without points but with a rounding in the front center. It can be compared to a strip of collar as formerly used in the philosophy of detachable collars. It is worn open or closed dressed during the evening.

Mao Shirt.

The dimensions are as follows:

Mao -collar

height: 2.5 cm /1 inch - nr 20008
There is a variant, namely the
Nehru collar
, see Shirt Style Tips Bivolino

The Mao collar shirt is famous in a form of minimalism in the air of time. With its round design emphasizing the neck, it brings a wind of freedom into the outfit. Cutting edge of casual with a suit jacket, she plays against the current chic note under a sportswear jacket. No doubt, his power of transfiguration is beyond measure.


Men's mao collar shirt, fashion against the current


Bold in every way, this must-have casual chic has it all. Inheriting a jacket spirit, he can sit proudly on the pants without slipping discretely inside. Sharp with a classic trend, its clean cut neckline also allows it to play the card of modernity. Obviously, this shirt is not confined to the suit jacket. In a campus trend, it elegantly highlights the rib collar of the teddy. In a dandy inspiration, she signs the revival of the waistcoat. Whatever the inspiration, the mao collar shirt can create the unexpected.

Mao collar

Mao Collar