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Wing Collar - Smoking Collar- Wing Tip

Wing Collar , Smoking Collar, Wing-Tip. Nr 20006.

Wing collar. The

Wing collar

or “

wing-tip collar

” is a small standing collar of a
tuxedo shirt
with the points pressed to stick out horizontally, rassembling “wings”, worn with men’s evening dress white tie or black tie. A descendant of Gladstone collar Used by barristers in the UK and Canada. Also sometimes called
tuxedo collar shirt.

smoking collar

is white in its pure tradition and worn with the tuxedo reserved for formal wear or evening dress.

Winged Collar Dress Shirt.

A Man’s Guide To The

Black Tie Dress Shirt.

The classic winged collar is the favorite collar style options a gentleman has when paired with a traditional tuxedo.
A winged collar
is the most beautiful with a tuxedo shirt or a dress suit shirt. Combine it with a beautiful bow tie and you look magnificently.
The winged collar is a heavily starched short collar with the tips standing up and pointing horizontally. The collar tips resemble wings, hence the name “winged collar”.  
Wing Collar