Vario Collar

Vario Collar

vario boord


The Vario collar has no upper button. Especially popular in Germany:

The dimensions are as follows:

Vario collar: nr 20054

                - height: 3.9cm/1.5 inch

                - pointlength: 7.5cm/2.9 inch

                - spread: 15cm/5 inch


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Vario collar. The Vario collar is part of the point collar shirts family. This shirt collar has no button at all on the collar band. Because of this exclusivity, the neck is never really locked even with a tie. It is in fact a 2 in 1 shirt collar. The Vario collar is the most versatile collar shirt. It can be worn with or without a tie. Very popular in Germany where people like the comfort of a collar shirt that does not press on the skin, even with a tie.Vario Collar Shirt.

Vario Collar