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Wide Spread Collar - Flyaway Collar - Widespread collar


widespread flyaway

Flyaway Collar-Wide Spread Collar

Flyaway Collar


Wide Spread Collar

is characterized by a large spread between the points. Is also called the Flyaway as the border points 'fly away'. Wide spread collar. The wide spread collar is the chief of the wide spread collars shirts family. It has therefore a very wide spread between the collar points showing a real horizontal spread. The wide spread collar is very contemporary as it offers a nice podium for shirt, tie and neck. The wide spread collar is very elegant with a Windsor triple or double knot tie.

Wide Spread

and Curved Spread Collars – two variations of the classic spread; the spread has been increased by the collar point’s length (in this case to 3 1/2 inches). Found only in bespoke circles, the wearer must not only have a firm grasp of the collar style that looks good on him but must be willing to display this grasp of
sartorial excellence
for all to see. Not for the faint of heart! 
The dimensions for a
Wide Spread Shirt
Collar are as follows:
For the Flyaway Widespread collar: nr. 20058
- height: 4.1cm/1.6 inch
- point length: 10.3cm/4 inch
- spread: 21cm/8.3 inch
Wide Spread Collar