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Shirt Classic Kent Collar

Kent Collarklassieke soepele boordclassic retro soft

Classic Collar

The classic collar has 3 variations: the classic collar with stiffeners, the classic Kent soft collar and the retro classic soft collar: 
The dimensions are as follows:
Classic Kent Collar: nr 20001

- height: 3.3cm/1.3 inch
- pointlength: 7.5cm/2.9 inch
- spread: 8.5cm/3.35 inch

Classic Kent soft Collar -no bones: nr 20041

- height: 3.7cm/1.4 inch
- pointlength: 7.5cm/2.9 inch
- spread: 8.5cm/3.35 inch

Retro classic soft Collar - no bones -: nr 20070

- height: 2.5cm/1 inch
- pointlength: 5.5cm/2.2 inch
- spread: 9cm/3.5inch

kent collar

Classic point collar.


Point Collar

is the most common turndown collar style, found on approximately 90% of
men’s dress shirts.
It is ideal for general business occasions that require a shirt and a tie. This is the basic collar for each
shirt wardrobe.
The classic point collar is very classy of course! It is often worn in non iron fabrics for a daily easy shirt usage. The classic point collar is recommanded to be worn closed with a nice tie and removable collar stiffeners.

The classic collar is seen as the standard (or classic) collar of a shirt. With this type of collar, the tips of the collar point almost straight down. The traditional collar is seen as "the safe bet". The classic collar is also called a 'straight edge' or 'narrow straight point collar'.

What is a classic collar?

Kent Collar

almost points straight down from the neck. The collar is one of the details that stand out when wearing this type of shirt. Normally, the standard neck collar is about 7centimeters long. Nowadays you also see much shorter edges. Collar points of 5 centimeters are no longer an exception. The straight point collar has a long (original length) and shorter variant (more modern).
History of the classic collar

classic collar

actually exists since the start of the shirt. Normally the kent collar has straight points from about 7cm long. From the 1920s onwards, there is a trend to make the neck collar much shorter: about 3 to 4centimeters. Despite the fact that the tip of the collar has been shortened, the

classic collar shirt

has never fallen out of fashion. The classic collar is unbeatable in fashion. It is timeless. And never a wrong choice. In addition, a lot of tie knot variants fit nicely between the edges. The synonyms for a "classic collar" are for example "narrow straight point" or "point collar", or as we often say in the Netherlands and Belgium: "the classic collar ".
Classic Kent Collar