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Shirt Button Down Collar

button down american button downverborgen bd


bd collar

Button Down collar

is also called the

American Button Down Collar

. There are 3 types of BD collars:

The dimensions are as follows:
Button Down Sport Collar-nr 20004: 
- Height: 3.5cm/1.3 inch
- Pointlength: 8cm/3.1 inch
- Spread: 5cm/1.9 inch
American Button Down Collar -nr 20052: 
- Height: 4cm/1.5 inch
- Pointlength: 8.5cm/3.3 inch
- Spread : 8 cm /3.1 inch
Hidden Down Collar -nr 20015: 
- Height: 3.6cm/1.4 inch
- Pointlength: 8.5cm/3.3 inch
- Spread: 5cm/1.9 inch

Button down collar

The collars and cuffs are handled with soft interlining. This keeps the shirt sharp and especially the collar smooth and soft.

Button down collar Shirt

. The button down collar has buttons on its collar points and can be worn without a tie. The Button Down collar can’t rise, even when sporting. The Button down collar has been invented for a comfortable and perfect shirt wear when playing polo. The button down collar style is most often seen on more

casual shirts.

Still it can be worn with a tie but is considered to be the least formal of all the collar choices. A button-down collar is a popular type of shirt collar. Button down refers to the button that attaches the collar to the body: This button keeps the collar always in place. A
button-down shirt
is also called button-front or
button-up shirt
and the shirts: "button-down shirts"
What is a button-down collar?
With a button-down board, the collar points are secured by a button. As a consequence, the board does not have a chance to stand differently. The collar always stays in the same place because it is stuck on the front. It is seen as a collar especially suitable for casual occasions. Nowadays there is also a "hidden button-down". Instead of a buttonhole in the collar, a buttonhole is made with some extra fabric on the inside (bottom) of the collar. The button on the body pulls down the collar without a buttonhole on the collar.
History of the button-down collar
Brooks-Brothers invented the button-down shirt for the polo sport. The button down shirt keeps the tie and collar in place. This type of shirt is therefore intended to be worn during sports. In the United States, the collar is also worn a lot now at the office. In Europe, the button-down shirt is more viewed as an informal collar.
Where do you carry a button-down collar?
A shirt with a button-down collar is usually weared informally in Europe. In Europe, Button Down shirt is still very much associated with a sports shirt. In the United States this collar has been integrated into business. Many Americans wear a
button-down neck collar
for every day.
The hidden button- down collar
Hidden button down collar. The hidden button down collar anchors down from underneath, so that the collar stays in place even without a tie. Because the hidden button down collar has no buttons on the outside, this shirt can also be worn as a dress shirt with a suit and a tie or with a sport coat.The hidden button down collar gives a trendy and relaxed look to your formal shirt . It is worn without tie under a suit or sport jacket.
With the hidden button-down collar, the button is hidden under the collar. The hidden button down-collar is exactly as the name says. A hidden buttonhole under the collar. This keeps the collar stuck, but the button is not visible. The hidden button-down is just something other than the default button-down. This collar type has arisen from fashion considerations, many men in the United States found a visible button not beautiful. Therefore,
American tailors
have hidden the button, while the functionality of the button-down remained the same.
Button Down Collar