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Shirt Italian Collar

italiaanse boord

The Italian collar nr 20005.

This collar also exists with a slightly higher collar. The dimensions are as follows:

Italian collar -nr 20005:

                - height: 3.7cm/1.4 inch

                - pointlength: 8cm/3.1 inch

                - spread: 11.5cm/4.5 inch

Italian high collar -nr 20056: 

                - height: 4.1cm/1.6 inch

                - pointlength: 8.2cm/3.2 inch

                - spread: 14cm/5.5 inch

The possibility to opt for
removable stiffeners
is provided. Shirts often have plastic stiffeners, sewn or loose.

Removable stays

are generally seen more often with

italian shirts

and designer clothes. Summum are loose, thick,
mother-of-pearl stiffeners
. Stiffeners are also very important for the presentation: they come to the edges so that collars do not curl. Interchangeable stiffeners are fashionable. This keeps the shirt sharp and especially the collar stiff and powerful. Mother-of-pearl stays are chic, but very fragile and delicate. More often, beautiful, powerful and bright white PVC models are used nowadays.
The history of the

Italian collar

goes far back. Nevertheless, it was only discovered in the 1950s among the general public outside Italy. The so-called "continental look" came up. Inspired by

Italian tailors

, other shirt brands startedto producethe Italian collar on the European mainland. Young men from that time picked up the trend quickly. Nowadays the Italian collar has become a standard. Especially in Europe it is a common formal collar for business. The Italian collar both casual and business. Used with a double windsor.
Italian collar. The Italian collar or classic spread collar is part of the spread collar family. Therefore revealing more of the upper shirt area and leaving additional room for larger tie knots such as the Windsor. The opening of the Italian collar is less important than the Haï semi spread collar opening. More classic, the Italian collar is generally a compulsory step before the great step to the Haï semi spread. The italian collar or classic spread collar is generally worn with a tie.
Italian high collar
The Italian high collar is part of the Italian collars shirts family. It follows the latest trend coming from Italy. The traditional Italian collar has a lower collar band than the italian high collar. Only one button on the collar band is necessary to close this collar. The Italian high collar is preferably worn with a tie. For an
elegant shirt.

italian collar

Italian Collar