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Shirt Cutaway Collar

 Cutaway collar

Cutaway Collar 



cutaway collar

is a modern collar variant. With a

cutaway shirt

, the collar points has a larger spread.The collar is literally cut away. This is a very stylish version of a collar and is used for many modern shirts.
Cutaway collar
-nr 20035: 

               - Height: 4.1cm/1.6 inch

               - Point length: 11cm/4.3 inch

               - Spread: 17.5cm/6.8 inch

The possibility to opt for removable bones is provided. Shirts often have plastic bones, sewn or loose. Removable stays are generally seen more often with stylish shirts. Exchangeable collar stays or Removable bones.
A cut-away collar is literally acut away collar .A modern touch for successful businessmen. Nowadays, the


is widely used. Perfect for a made to measure shirt with a tailor-made suit.
The history of theCutaway collar
The Duke of Kent, United Kingdom, introduced it at the end of the 18th century. It was in the past only worn by men of nobility. The cutaway shirt has increased in popularity in recent years. This resulted in a number of variants including the extra cut-away collar. This collar has just been cut a few centimeters further back. This creates a particularly tight collar. A particularly trendy look for the modern man. The extra cut-away collar is also sometimesnamed as the
extreme cutaway collar
 Cutaway collar. The cutaway collar is part of the family

wide spread collar shirt

. It is the second most popular collar category because it is revealing more of the upper shirt area . As mentioned in the name, its points are “cut away” or wide spread. The spread is much larger than the Haï semi spread collar. It is almost a horizontal spread. The cutaway collar has only one button on the collar band. The cutaway collar can be worn with or without a tie. With a double Windsor tie knot.
Another name is the
Shark Collar
Cutaway Collar