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Nehru Collar - Nehru Shirt

Nehru Collar


Nehru collar. The

Nehru collar

is a minimalistic collar based on traditional Indian garments. Nehru was one of the first to wear such a collar together with the Nehru jacket. This small standing collar is unique and distinguished itself by the split in the front middle. Some well knowned personalities particularly like its simplicity. The Nehru collar is worn open or closed according to the styling you prefer. Manufactured in fabrics like silk or linen.
Nehru collar shirt

This is a kind of collar traditionally worn by the South American Indians. The collar is upright and runs approximately to just below the jaw line. At the front is a small opening between the two sides that are connected by a button.

Nehru Shirt.

The dimensions are as follows:
For the Nehru collar nr 20013 -height: 4.7 cm /1.8 inches
There is a variation on the Nehru board, the

Mao collar

, see Bivolino Shirt Style tips.
Nehru Shirt.



Nehru Collar