What is an overshirt?

This collection offers beautiful smart casual shirts for the tough man who fits in the denim fashion world. Now that summer is approaching towards the end, a single layer is too cold, but a coat too warm. It is the battle between freezing or dripping in sweat. An interval that requires an extra item of clothing, the overshirt. Perfect for the season.

Buying overshirts online?

Tough shirts for men. A shirt is of course a typical piece of clothing for men. At Bivolino you will find tough shirts for men. These are beautiful shirts in eg raw bicolor black diamonds. Available online in various web shops. Tough guy buying overshirts. Strong men who are not easily injured and are able to deal with difficult or violent situations. Tough guys wear overshirts.

Designing made to measure overshirts online?

Overshirts can, of course, also be offered tailor-made, as well as online.

From de collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/men-shirts-casual